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September highlights

September highlights


  1. Being a World Race contact.


For 11 months I went on a journey around the world pushing forward the vision of the contacts I had.  In this season, our base has been blessed to receive a World Race Gap Year team, Team i68.  They are consisted of mostly 18 year olds and are serving alongside us for a 3 month period. 


Love being with these people all the time ??
                                      Team i68


It is exciting to be on this side of the world race.  We have been able to disciple the team, build them up, and send them out.  The team has spent a good amount of time working with us alongside orphanages and street ministry.  We have seen people we ministered to receive physical healings, kick drugs and alcohol, re-commit their lives to the Lord, and even take out some kids to Mcdonald’s for an ice cream cone.


We have a packed agenda over the next couple of weeks, but having them here to do life with and pour into has been a great joy this month.


  1. We are sending Guatemalans to the nations!


The heartbeat of our base is to equip, disciple, and send Guatemalans to the nations.  This month we have begun to see that vision become a reality.  We are currently training a team of 8 Guatemalans to going to Honduras.  Members of our base will be helping lead the team and we are meeting weekly to help with fundraising and discipleship as the team prepares to leave Guatemala, some for their first time.


We also have a local orphanage that is sending a team of their youth to Nicaragua that we will be playing a part in their sending.  Our house has a call to reach the orphans, so to send a team of “orphans” to the nations shows the fruit of God’s word for us.  As a base, we are also sending some of our staff to help lead the team in Nicaragua.


We have also made friends with 2 Guatemalan women.  One is preparing to go to Swaziland for 3 months, the other has a call to go to Israel to preach the Gospel. 


     Mafer is preparing to go to Swaziland                 Angelica has a call to go Israel


Please pray for all this movement.  It truly is a blessing.


  1. Cuba visas are sent…


Now we are in the waiting game for the religious visas to be accepted.  We will be going to Cuba in a team of 3.  The plan is to be in Cuba from the 3-17 of November. 


Please pray about supporting me in this call and making a difference to the island of Cuba. 


I am in need of about $1,000 and any little bit counts.


Click the ‘support me’ tab on the left of the page to donate.  All gifts are tax-deductible.


Raising financial support is always a humbling thing for me, but it’s a reminder that God is in control, not myself.  I am only asked to make my needs known, He takes care of the rest.


Thank you for following my journey.


This month has been pretty fast-paced so I only had one blog posted.  My apologies.