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August recap and a look into the future

Here are some highlights from the month of August:


  1. A month of Hellos/Welcome Backs.


We welcomed a new team member, Angela Aston.


Angela has circulated in and out of our house over the last year and a half as she has led independent trips to Guatemala.  Angela received a call to join our team in March and, after leading short-term trips throughout the summer, she has taken her first steps into walking out her time here as a part of our base.


We also saw Kacie Price and Noe Rivera return home! 

     Photo: Arrival selfie-made it to Guatemala! Misha's so big!


The last few months have required much from our base as many completed their 6-month internships in July.  Kacie is a staple member of the base, being here since its inception in Feb of 2013.  Noe is the base director, and it is great to have him back with the vision of where our base headed.


  1. Ensancha Conference.


It isn’t often that we get a chance to be poured into by leaders around the world.  As a team, we went to one of the biggest churches in Guatemala to receive what the Lord would have for us.  One of the speakers, Heidi Baker, reaffirmed our mission in Guatemala. 

Heidi made an alter call to anyone in the audience called to be a missionary to the nations.  Over 300 people responded to the call and were on their knees crying out before the Lord.


Part of the vision we have is to mobilize Guatemalans to be missionaries to the nations.  The church many of the people who responded to the alter call go to does not have a system in place to send them out.  Our hope is in the coming week or so to have a meeting with their church leadership about coming alongside the church to help send out those responding to the Lord’s call on their life.


  1. Team Retreat.


With all the movement, it was important for our team to step out of the house together to re-cast the vision of where the Lord is taking us as well as to come together as new team.  Over the course of a week, we were able to cast vision of our mission, identify relationships the Lord is using to further the vision, and develop action steps to accomplishing the vision.  The retreat took place in Lake Atitlan, one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to.  We were able to find local pastors we have relationships with and pour into them.


Our team prayed over this woman whose daughter passed away during the birth of her grandson.


Also in our time at the lake, we were able to make memories as a team!  Some of these memories included a butterfly conservatory, playing with spider monkeys, visiting waterfalls and a sunrise hike to one of the highest points at the lake.




Future stuff:


  1. In September we are planning on receiving a World Race Gap Year team.  It is a group consisted of 18-21 year olds.  They will be living and doing ministry with us over the course of 3 months.
  2. We are also receiving 2/3 World Race squads that will be coming through Guatemala between Sep-Dec.  Our time with the squads will be more of a short, corporate pouring out.  Our hope is starting next year to have World Race squads routinely coming through our base.
  3. From November 3-17, I will be leading a vision trip to Cuba.  The Lord has put a call on my life to help send Cubans to the nations.  A small group of us will be going to seek the Lord’s heart and timing for what he I doing there. 


The trip costs $1500, however I have already received $200 which covers my visa to get in.


Please pray about partnering with me both financially and prayerfully.


There is a lot of work coming up these next few months and I cannot do it without financial partners like you.


Current needs:

  1. Financial partners monthly.


I trust the Lord and I only ask you to be a partner financially if you feel the Lord is asking you to be.  I am about $400/m short of my goal to stay here on staff.  If your heart is moved to support me and the work of the base, please click the support me tab on the left of the screen.


  1. Prayer.


Pray for Guatemala.  We have been brought to at least 5 people in the last 2 weeks who have a call to the nations.  We are considering inviting some to live and train with us at our base.  One girl in particular has a heart to be a missionary in Israel, and another to serve in Mozambique.  Please lift our mission to mobilize this generation for the glory of God.


Thanks for reading and may the Lord bless you.


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